Providing the easiest way to transfer money while purchasing a product helps in improving lead generation rate for your e-commerce business. We are talking about the checkout process wherein users give in to temptation and make final payment to complete the purchase.

Remember, shopping cart abandonment during checkout is a bitter pill to swallow for most e-commerce companies.

The process must be easy, fast and safe for the end-users to turn customers for your business. Gain full control over the checkout process with these seven suggested tips for your e-commerce sites:

1.  Give Them Alternatives

More the merrier. Right? But many websites deter to use multiple choices to the users while making an online payment. We do not suggest integrating every payment method, but combining a few of them – such as direct bank transfer and credit cards – can give a decent choice to the users.

For online merchants, multi-currency transactions across the border necessitate adherence to new regulatory hurdles in every other country. Thus having authorised payment services providers such as Paypal help you navigate the challenges and establish effective payment solutions.

Alternatively, have a decent sense about your target market helps with the best type of online payment options you can offer.

2.  Stunning Web Design

There is unarguably no doubt that checkout page for e-commerce website holds huge importance. It’s a deciding stage where you cannot afford committing any designing mistakes.

People like consistency or familiarity in web design. All web elements such as header, footer, sidebar, and navigation bar have equal importance to create a positive impression.

From the colour, font to even position, every small web design development in your checkout process has a positive influence on how much money your site churns.

It must effortlessly blend in with the core theme and layout to connect with the brand. You can have custom web design services to enjoy stunning websites for your e-commerce business.

3.  Do Not Enforce Sharing Personal Account Information

How many accounts do you have? From your personal to official email id and many other shoppers, billers etc. on many other relevant and random sites. Thus directing users for another sign up to create an account is an unnecessary step that may receive suspicion.

For many first-time customers who have natural apprehension, it can be a major put off, and abandon the cart.

As per chargeback gurus, online fraud soar by 33% in 2016 alone and is likely to touch $7.2 billion in 2020! The fear is real and felt in the bones.

Filling up a tedious form with extra details is not most of the users prefer. They want to keep things simple and short to complete the purchase. Instead, allow them to check out as a guest user.

4.  Avoid Seeking Info More Than Necessary

How much is too much? This question is profoundly confounding, and when it comes to seeking personal information, most users are in a dilemma.

Build trust and not sow seeds of doubt while asking confidential information if he or she is already your account holder. Financial frauds are a nightmare for customers as much it’s embarrassing for the e-commerce businesses.

As per Visa, online merchants lost $11.8 billion to cases of “friendly fraud” in 2012. It is a scary thought that stuns e-commerce companies as well as the end-users.

Generally, a website with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate ensures a safe and secure connection between the web browser and server. Additionally, all the online merchants are instructed to adhere to the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) to prevent any financial malpractices.

Simplify the process by eliminating unnecessary steps that compel your website visitors to bounce off to other sites.

5.  End Distractions Are Nuisance

Your checkout page received considerably more attention than any other stage of the entire sales cycle. It’s the final determining stage that pushes you on the other side of the shop.

A Microsoft study stated the average human attention span is down to eight seconds from 12 measured in 2000.

Limit the advertisement pop-ups on the checkout page. Under no condition, you can afford to distract people on some other promotional offers or discounts.

Running an online store on Shopify, Woocommerce or even WordPress? Get all your concerns heard and handled by a professional web design and development company in Melbourne.

If you have more tips for our ardent readers, share them in the comments section below.

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