We’re in a tech-savvy age where buyers worldwide are using the internet to buy desired products or services with millions of websites running, a user has no dearth of options to find the perfect company to fulfil their needs.

This is where your business website needs to be a cut above the rest to keep users engaged for a longer period of time and influence them to make a purchase eventually. Ever wondered what makes some websites “tick” with the users while many others fail to hold their attention for even a few seconds?

This blog highlights crucial elements that play a vital role in determining your investment in your digital presence to make more money. Read on to know more about it.

1. Easy Navigation

The website design should be easy to navigate for users. All important features or services should be easily accessible. Your homepage (or landing page) should be able to quickly guide your potential customers to the information they’re seeking.

It is of paramount importance that your landing pages focus on the customer viewpoint. A very thin line separates an interactive menu and a confusing one, so keep your landing/home page neat and straightforward, sans untidy and too much of visuals.

Create attractive and easy-to-understand headings, highlights, bullet points, pictures and easy to read the content.

2. Relevant Call to Action

A call to action has a key role to play in urging the reader or the viewer of the website to take immediate action that shows his willingness to purchase or enquire about a specific product or service. For example – Call now, Order now, Login/Register, Book an Appointment, etc.

The main purpose of relevant call to action is to convert visitors into leads. It should be short, catchy, and placed optimally on a page in a way so that users can easily find them. Also, it should create a sense of urgency so as to compel the viewer to act.

3. Clean Backend Coding

While this element is one that you might not notice visually, but it plays a vital role in when it comes to the functionality of your website. Backend coding works behind the scenes of every website that will speak for its performance.

Skilled specialists in web design and development in Melbourne know very well how to code a website to function flawlessly, navigate effectively, and load quickly so as to provide a user-friendly experience to convert visitors into leads and customers.

4. Visual Design

People naturally get drawn to attractive things. Same holds true for website designs too! Don’t we tend to spend more time browsing websites with eye-catching designs that are relevant to business?