Out of 200 active websites, only 48% get the deserving credibility and that too because of its design quality. Other than this, it has been observed that 62% of online businesses have increased their sales through mobile-friendly web designs only.

Now, these stats are somewhere enough to speak about the importance of perfect web design to enhance your online business value and also about the rising competition in this industry.

To add a little more to your knowledge, check out the below-mentioned designing hacks.

6 Factors to Make Your Website Stand Out –

1. More Illustrations– Although, content proves to be the base of any web page yet pay some attention to the overall visuals. In the present scenario, two types of illustrations are popular amid designers all around the world namely three-dimensional and hand-drawn illustrations.

It not just gives a theme to the entire web page but makes the viewer stay there and explore the website more.

2. Video Header– ‘Display, don’t speak’- It is the new secret to kickass website design on WordPress or any other CMS. Make sure you sound meaningful than just adding promotional content to the website.

One of the best ways to get this done either display operational processes or probably office infrastructure to build a trust factor within the target audience. On top of this, it makes the website look classier than your imagination.

3. Bright colours– To come up with something incredible, learn to play with colours. Contrasting colour combination is high on demand; however, keeping in mind your brand colours is always important.

When you bright colours on the background, make sure to use ‘bold’ font style to add more impact to the web page.

4. Geometric Touch– If you are dealing in digital products or development domain, adding geometric patterns to the background can make your website look more relevant and meaningful.

5. Font Matters– Agree with or not but, the appropriate font usage matters a lot. There are different factors to keep in mind when deciding the font style for your website.

For instance- when going for an online fashion store, ‘italic’ style with ‘Comic Sans MS’ font will go perfectly, whereas the same combination won’t work for many other websites.

1. Enticing distraction– In general, the word ‘distraction’ may give you some negative vibes, but when displayed fairly, it makes a web page more engaging than ever before.

Now, the distraction can be anything, probably an avatar or some background effect on the banner.

The final word-

Be it any industry or domain, having an online presence has become one prime necessity for your business growth. With every other enterprise walking towards building a robust digital presence, incorporating unique web designs to your business website is a must.

To serve the purpose well, the above-mentioned web designing ideas can prove to be handy. Already a lot of websites have adopted these changes impressively so when are you getting your hands on it?

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