Having a user-engaging website that draws the attention of web visitors is no longer a choice in 2019 – it’s a necessity. 

However, in today’s cut-throat competitive world, publishing several dull, unoriginal webpages won’t foster your visitors to explore more about the business- once they land onto the website.

A strategically designed website with various components seamlessly homogenized will not only rank better on SERPs but also have a higher conversion rate, which in turn, reflects on your revenue number. 

Thankfully, in this guide, we’ve rounded up blunders to stay clear of when developing a business website. While, these are typical mistakes, but businesses are still committing it, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

1. Infusing Too Much Information At Once 

We generally come across websites with cluttered information and overwhelmed with the amount of data.

When you present too much valuable information at once, Internet users are easily distracted from their objective of landing on your site as text and images will leave them confused. Thus, leveraging them to hop to your competitor’s website. 

The design of the website needs to be layered appropriately to avoid confusion and establish an engaging user-experience for visitors.

Five Thumb Rules to Stay Away from Information Overload:-

  1. Keep Things Simple
  2. Keep It Relevant
  3. Keep It Clear
  4. Provide Supporting Information
  5. Provide Balanced Information

2. Popups Are Frustrating

Did you the average conversion rate for pop-ups is merely 3.09%? So, why flood your website with countless popups?
No one likes to visit a website for the first time and bamboozled with one pop up after the other. And, this problem becomes even more substantial for those exploring your website via their smartphone. 
Forcing your web visitor to subscribe to your newsletter, sign up or disable an Ad is enough reason for them to promptly turn-off. Google recently released a warning for internet users to step aside of pop-ups as they are intruding.
While earlier, you might think your popups are pleasing your visitors; instead, these are negatively impacting the user experience.

3. Too Many Slides

Yes, slideshows are an excellent means to convey critical information about your business to its prospective visitors, but exaggerating this tends to mess with the visitor’s attention. 

For instance, the user is reading the information on the first slide, but quickly the slide advance to the next one, and returned to the first one after taking a long time.

What is the real trouble? Numerous slides take away the control from the user. To have an interactive user experience, the website visitor must have complete command of what he/she is doing. Your website need not to a school’s science presentation. 

So, refrain from making the mistake of too many slideshows. Here, you can hire a qualified company for web design and development in Melbourne to help.

5 Proven Practises To Create a Powerful Slideshow:-

  • Use Thumbnail Navigation for Sliders With More Than Four Slide
  • Optimize the Slideshow for Mobile
  • Import Your Social Media Images
  •  Use Custom CSS
  • Connect Product Slides to Your Shopping Cart

4. Not Mobile Friendly

We all have encountered the frustration of trying to explore the site, which isn’t optimized for smartphones. 

A recent survey revealed around 72% of web visitors want a mobile-friendly website, it is a wake-up call for web developers & businesses these are eyeing success by turning a blind eye to traffic coming from mobile devices. 

5 Perks of Having a Mobile-Friendly Website:-

  • Streamlined Experience Across A Multitude of devices
  • Acts A Positive Ranking Signal For Search Crawlers 
  • Improved Mobile Conversion Rate
  • Better User Experience
  •  More Flexible & and Cost-Effective Than App Development

Final Words

While, these mistakes can be circumvented, but what counts the most is finding a professional company providing custom web design services that recognizes your needs & budget limitations to curate a tailored solution.

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