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Top Six Futuristic Trends for Web Developers in 2020

Today, the web world is thriving at a rapid pace with a total number of websites exceeding 1 billion. This is not just it as more and more websites are being registered every day to add up to existing numbers of websites. However, this has also created a center for concern because a large number of top-notch websites have set an incredibly high standard to be met by a newly formed website. To be competitive and grow at a fast pace in this highly competitive web world, you will require to think out of the box and follow the latest trends. The evolution in the digital world has led to the introduction of several web development trends in the past few years that no web developer should miss out on.

PHP Web development is a crucial part of the digital world and uses PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor language to run a web server. Upon following the latest web development trends, a web developer may not achieve a confirmed success in creating a company-grade website but will surely get a successful route towards creating one. Now, let’s move on to six futuristic web development trends that every web developer should keep in mind while developing a website in 2019.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Responsive web design will be on top in 2019 as an increased number of users have started expecting a website to be responsive to different devices. Since even Google has started giving importance to websites that are mobile friendly, web developers will need to consider this trend to improve the website performance and enhance user experience.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

The arrival of Progressive Web Apps has helped many renowned websites increase their overall conversions. For a mobile user, it is easy to use an app instead of opening a browser to search for the website. This has significantly influenced web developers to use PWA to create the apps of the websites they have already created, without compromising on its functionality.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are used for informing the visitors and customers about your discount offers, customer-centric events, and other similar information. Till now, it was a common trend for mobile apps, however, web developers will encounter push notification as a powerful tool to engage more visitors on the website in 2019.

RAIL Concept

The time has come to follow user-centric web development services and improve the efficiency of a website in the long run. Response Animation Idle load (RAIL) concept will take a strong grip on the website’s success while strengthening the website in terms of faster load time. 2019 will be a year of pleasant user experience whereby web developers will focus on scroll, tap, drag, etc. actions to improve the website performance.

Motion UI

Incorporation of motion UI like animated charts, background animations, hovers, and headers can do wonders for your website. A simple and elegant Motion User Interface can skyrocket the appearance of your website which will eventually help business reap higher conversion rates.


Customer service has always prevailed as an area of concern for many websites which can’t even meet the basic standard of customer service. This year, they can add this chatbot feature to their existing online customer support to advantage both the customers and business. Through chatbots, you achieve efficiency as you will be available for your clients 24/7 and will not require to hire a customer support representative.
The foregoing are the futuristic web development trends which will rule the year 2019 and any avoidance to these trends while considering web development can cost you a lot.