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monthly maintenance & website support

Affordable packages to protect and support your online presence.

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Web Design, Development and Maintenance Packages



$83 / month
  • Theme,Plugin, and Core Software Updates
  • Website Backups(Weekly)
  • Restorations of backups on request within 48 hours (week days)
  • Hacker Insurance


$167 / month
  • Everything including in Bronze
  • Monthly Website Reports
  • Website edits or fixes per month (1 Hour)
  • Website edits or fixes per month (1 Hour)


$333 / month
  • Everything including in Silver
  • Website edits or fixes per month
  • Initial Website speed check and monitoring
  • Initial SEO check, set up and monthly suggestions

No tweak is too big or too small for us. Simply choose your services, and then sit back and relax while our IT professionals get the work done.

Running a business efficiently and successfully takes a whole lot of time and effort. So having some of the load taken off your shoulders can really make all the difference, when it comes to growing your empire.

We offer a comprehensive suite of website design and development services, as a one off ‘tweak’, a regular ‘tweak’ or more regular support with our handy monthly maintenance packages.

Websites aren’t simply design, publish and forget. There are all sorts of routine tasks that must be undertaken to ensure your website continues to perform as it should and reflects your business effectively as you grow.

And there is nothing worse than making the shock discovery that hackers have destroyed your website, or something has gone wrong on a server that has caused you to lose your entire site. Unfortunately, these things happen each and every day, leaving business owners who were unprepared and unsecured – with the task of starting all over again. All whilst losing precious clients while their site is offline.

Which is why we’ve created affordable, monthly maintenance solutions, where we take care of regular backups, hacker insurance, theme, plugin and core software updates, as well as providing monthly website reports, speed monitoring and SEO suggestions – all designed to both protect and support your business growth.

That way – there’s less stress on you! Just hand it over to us, and we’ll take care of these frustrating technical issues for you, whilst you get on with running your business.

Plus, with our fixed pricing, you won’t have to break the bank to get excellent website management and development services

Advanced Support

24/7 Website Support and Maintenance

An effectively designed and executed website will certainly attract the customers you desire. However, chances are, that over time, your website performance will decline, or you’ll need to perform certain upgrades to keep up with changing technology and consumer needs.

And as with any technology, issues can occur! Which is why we’re your best bet to not only help you with improvements, but also to rescue you and your website, should anything go wrong.

With our 24 hour, 7 days a week website support and maintenance services, we’ll look after you!

website maintenance melbourne
website maintenance melbourne
Advanced Support

Enhancements, Upgrades & Website Design

As your business grows and develops, your website needs will change. You may find you need an automated booking system. Or you may want to build an email database, and collect leads on your site, so you can build a long-term relationship with them.

Maybe the content, imagery or graphics simply need an update or a change in business direction requires new functionality.

Whatever you need – we’ll be right here. By your side, ready to handle even the most daring of website development projects.

We can create email list integrations with leading software platforms, so you can effortlessly grow your list and implement new sales funnels. We can add new features and optimise your site for conversions.

Our experienced team of website designers and developers stay at the forefront of technology and website trends – meaning we can help you effortlessly stay on top of your online marketing game!

Minor Tweaks

For $45, we’ll work on a single design or development aspect of your website. This is for minor tweaks that can be done in up to 30 minutes.

Regular Tweaks

This covers a single task (for example making your website mobile-responsive) or a small group of related tasks such as integrating plugins, redeveloping design sections or adding, removing or adjusting old themes. Our IT professionals will take an hour to handle it, and you’ll only pay $75.

Custom Tweaks

If you have specific needs, contact us to discuss what you have in mind for a custom tweak. We’re more than happy to create a quote for you.


We are always happy to hear from you!