What is an SEO Audit?

SEO-audit is a detailed analysis of your website for technical errors and compliance with search engine requirements.

Two options for Website SEO Audit Service

The first one is an independent analysis of key parameters and important elements. They not only ensure the stable growth of the site but also protect against lowering your website’s search engine ranking.

The second option is to entrust the website SEO audit service to a third-party company.

This method has several advantages:

  • The third-party overview will always find things that you have never noticed or are just used to skimming over

  • An SEO specialist always pays attention to unobvious things, they have the experience to see much more than you

  • Several important factors can always be overlooked — there are cases when the website owner was closely involved in its promotion, simply forgot to pay for the domain, and lost the site

  • Ranking factors and web standards are constantly changing, and it’s very difficult to keep track of them unless you have your finger on the pulse. For example, in 2021 Core Web Vitals update will become ranking factors.

Specialists from the company Wishdesk have developed an SEO site audit service. It’s definitely worth paying attention to those who want to entrust the analysis of their site to professionals.

What do Website SEO audit services look like?

You simply submit the domain of your site and the company’s SEO specialist comprehensively examines key indicators of your site for compliance with the requirements of the modern semantic search engine. Upon finishing the audit, you receive a report of the points and recommendations for implementation.

What do SEO specialists analyze during a website audit?

  • Page load speed is one of the most important parameters today — your spot in the search engine results depends on the loading speed since it’s important to provide your client with a fast and convenient website

  • Technical errors of the website, including searching for code errors, analyzing indexing issues, duplicate content, and pages, etc.

  • Availability and accuracy of the configuration of SSL security certificates required today

  • Search for content optimization problems, content uniqueness, and spelling errors

  • Availability and correctness of configuration of robots.txt and sitemap.xml files

  • Conformity of the site with basic SEO requirements and the presence of various “tricks” that are important in site promotion, for example, breadcrumbs, rich snippet markup, cyclic links, etc.

As a result of the website SEO audit service, you will receive a report and recommendations for the implementation of them. By the way, the audit criteria are specially selected so that the main changes can be made independently. For the rest of the edits, you will need the help of web developers.

How Often Should You Do an SEO Audit?

Many things are seasonal — for example, it is recommended to get your car checked out twice a year, at the beginning of winter and in spring. Of course, the sites are not tied to the seasons, but you should still do project inspections at regular intervals.

We also recommend getting a website SEO audit service every six months. You can schedule one website audit for the summer, and the second for the middle of winter. This is usually a time when many specialists are available to carry out edits on the site. Accordingly, prices for services will be slightly lower than in the “hot” season.

Or you can adjust to the seasonality of your business. If you have the maximum number of visitors to the site in August – October, schedule an SEO website audit for June, so you will have time to prepare the website for the season.

Why are we ready to recommend an audit from the Wishdesk team? We are confident in the level of our services. More than 13 years of experience, staff of developers, and administrators of different profiles. The main profile of the company is the website development for WordPress and Drupal and their integration, as well as administration and long-term website maintenance.

Accordingly, our teamwork daily with website optimization. You can be sure that you will gain a lot based on the results of the website SEO audit service.

Who is a website SEO audit service suitable for?

It is definitely worth paying attention to if you are promoting your site yourself. You are used to your site and may be overlooking an important ranking factor. Also, when creating a prepared site with other developers, you can’t understand how well the previous team web-optimized its work and independently evaluate the quality of the site.

You can order this website SEO audit service even if you are sure that everything is fine with your site, so you will receive written confirmation and a guarantee that you haven’t missed anything.

We recommend an SEO audit to all website owners, and, of course, we are ready to help with the implementation of the edits. Contact us at any time!